Inspiring entrepreneurs to DO better and BE better because it matters HOW you succeed.

Fire Up & Lead is a Leadership Development Company providing business consulting and success coaching services to entrepreneurs and their teams.

Our training, consulting, and coaching services are built around teaching foundational leadership skills because it’s time to stop waiting for someone else lead the way, it’s time to stand up and be the leader in your business, in your community, in your life!

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Great Leaders are our Mission & Teams are our Passion

Great leaders don’t happen by accident! Great leaders take the time to develop themselves because as you develop yourself you develop your business.

Our mission is to challenge and inspire entrepreneurs and their leadership teams to build a better business by creating amazing work cultures. Whether you’re a leader of a team of one (yourself!) or the head of large team, Fire Up & Lead will help you achieve your business goals by focusing on HOW you succeed, because:

  1. It matters how you treat people
  2. It matters how you speak to people
  3. It matters how you speak to yourself

We deliver results customized Consulting programs, Team Training and Workshops, as well as our popular Fireside Chats Virtual Mastermind program.


Fireside Chats Membership
Business Mastermind

Fireside Chats is a membership program offering networking, training, and business mastermind sessions.


Time spent building relationships through business networking is exponentially valuable. You’ll likely find the next customer, collaborator, or business referral partner if you just put yourself out there!  We meet once a month for 90-minutes of open networking with chat members invited to highlight their business at each event.


Running a successful business requires constant learning and innovation. Yet so often we’re pulled into the quicksand of day-to-day operations and we can suddenly look up and it’s been weeks, if not months, since we’ve tended to improve our business acumen.

Fireside Chats offers additional support with monthly, virtual training sessions covering a spectrum of business development strategies and leadership topics.  There is so much value offered in these concentrated training sessions.  Applications are open for members to present.


Step away from the day-to-day hustle and meet up with other business owners who are riding the same roller coaster you are!  Our small group mastermind session offers an opportunity to leave ego at the door and creates a creative space to share and lean on your fellow members.  Whether it’s the next big decision you’re facing or not quite knowing how to solve a recurring issue, your mastermind group will become your informal board of directors providing needed perspective and support.  You’ll leave each session with a refreshed confidence and a clear focus on what actions you need to take next.

Local Group

Avalon Hotel & Conference Center, 1009 W Park Ave, Chippewa Falls, WI

8:45 to 10:15 on the 1st & 3rd Thursday of each month

1st Thursday – Networking

3rd Thursday – Mastermind

Virtual Group

10:00 to 11:30 on the 2nd & 4th Thursday of each month via Zoom

2nd Thursday – Networking

4th Thursday – Mastermind

Final Friday – Virtual Business Training

10:00 to 11:00 on the final Friday of each month via Zoom

Who should join Fireside Chats?

  • Business owners who desire a trusted sounding board of people who will problem-solve and support them
  • Those that wish to strengthen their leadership skills and feel more confident
  • Entrepreneurs who need to be around a passionate group of action-takers

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Rapid Fire Business
Consulting Services

Overwhelmed with all the demands of running your own business? When you’re neck deep in the weeds of running your business it’s easy to constantly feel like you are reacting rather than running your business on purpose.

At Fire Up & Lead we focus on the fundamentals of your business. We dive deep to understand your personal and professional goals, dig into the details to understand the current “state-of-the-state” of your business, and from there develop your customized roadmap focusing on:

  • People
  • Process
  • Performance

Your customized consulting roadmap will include a review of your foundational business systems to support your business growth goals. Some areas you may need more support and clarity than others, which is why you will receive a truly customized coaching, training, and support for you and your team, addressing any of the following specialties:

  • Leadership Development
    • Every Fire Up & Lead program centers on practicing and developing Service Leadership
    • Aligning your core values with your leadership style and business culture
    • Enhancing communication and practicing extreme ownership
  • Team Development
    • Identify the stages of a successful team, getting your team there to performing beyond expectations!
    • Making sure you have a team of people where everyone is doing the right work, at the right time, and with joy in their hearts!
  • Business Development Strategies
    • What are the daily activities that need to be done to move the dream forward?
  • Business Model Planning
    • Are you clear on who your clients are and how to target them?
    • Do you have the resources to grow the way you’d like?
  • Strategic Planning
    • A goal without a date is just a dream.
    • 12-week project planning cycles
  • Time Management
    • Stop being the martyr to your calendar

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Fire Up & Succeed
VIP Coaching

Just like a fitness routine, we may know what we’re supposed to do but we still don’t do it! Sometimes you need more support and accountability which exactly what you’ll have with Stacy Whaley as your business coach.

As your business coach, you’ll find:

  • Leadership development and accountability so you finally follow through
  • Action focused sessions to push your business forward
  • Self-development to increase your confidence and improve your mindset

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Fireside Chats Membership Rapid Fire Consulting Fire Up & Succeed Coaching
Two, 30-Minute Private Coaching Sessions
Monthly Group Mastermind Meetings
Monthly Business Networking Meetings
Monthly Business Training Workshops
Quarterly, 90-Minute Strategy Meetings
Monthly, 60-Minute Planning Meetings
Weekly, 45-Minute Planning & Accountability Sessions
Unlimited Email Support
10% Discount to Fire Up & Lead Workshops
Enrollment / Down payment $150 $1,000 $1,500
Monthly Payment $35/month $350/month $575/month
Length of service & payment Ongoing 4 month arrangement 3, 6 or 9 month arrangements
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Stacy Whaley

The Founder of Fire Up & Lead

Encouraging. Organized. Leader. These words define Stacy Whaley. In fact, Stacy has always been an advocate for the underdog, whether as a skinny 5th grader, hands on her hips, telling the 9th-grade bus bully to piss off, or as a team moderator making sure everyone’s voice is heard, she encourages others to find their own voice and confidence.

Her background includes leadership development, organizational management and sales for a digital marketing agency. She excels at customer service, operations, management, and business development and has an unusual love of spreadsheets and data.

Are YOU ready to get Fired Up & Lead?

  • Fireside Chats Masterminds is a great sounding board and is a positive group whenever we meet.  When I face challenges, I know there is an hour where I can let my guard down and not worry. The energy I take from each mastermind meeting helps me get things checked off my list.  

    Kevin Harrington
    Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual
  • Stacy Whaley, CEO of Fire Up and Lead, is a dedicated, knowledgeable, and passionate business coach and mentor. She is an educator, cheerleader, and motivator that keeps the focus on you and your business growth. And she does it all with humor and compassion!
    Carol Rudd
    Owner, Healing Choices Oasis
  • Stacy has become an expert mentor and sounding board in all areas of my business. Her services have provided me with valuable tools that have allowed me clarity and peace of mind that when I do start my team, it will be started in the best possible way – a strong foundation and a culture that is unsurpassed. I highly recommend Stacy Whaley at any point in your team building and leadership journey.
    Melissa Kuchlenz
    Owner, Simple Secretary
  • Stacy is just as invested in you as you are in her. She doesn’t give up on you and she believes whole heartedly that you are made for greatness. You gain clarity in where you are headed and she keeps you moving in the direction of growth.
    Lisa Kleist
    Arbonne Consultant

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